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Entrepreneurs and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has the potential for an excellent mix. ADHD, like any other condition, has its advantages and disadvantages as well as its strengths. Surprisingly, when it comes to founding and maintaining your own company, ADHD may really provide you with an advantage over others.

People who are content with the routine and monotony of a regular job are less likely to experience the desire to start their own business, and ADHD encourages a more innovative approach.

Potential of ADHD for business to change people's lives

Adults with ADHD can presents with challenges but many have happy and productive lives. According to a report in Success magazine, successful entrepreneurs "credit their success to their attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. ADHD may become a super power and an asset to business growth.

As noted by psychiatrist Ned Hallowell, persons with ADHD make excellent business owners. He has said that he does not consider his condition a disease but rather a benefit.

Reason: People with ADHD are naturally high-spirited, hardworking, resourceful, and gifted communicators. And these are the building blocks of entrepreneurialism. You may leverage your ADHD to help you develop your business and flourish by following these tips

We offer the following strategies to assist you or your employee in managing ADHD and maximizing your ability:

1. Consult with an ADHD/Executive Functioning Coach.

Because ADHD is often neurological, many people having ADHD may have difficulty in these areas despite a strong desire and several efforts to overcome their condition. As a result, standard coaching approaches are often ineffective when dealing with ADHD! Many traditional coaches are not familiar with executive functioning challenges.

ADHD coaching provides approaches tailored to the specific brain wiring of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) persons.

2. Be kind to Yourself:

Be kind to yourself. The way we speak to ourselves is who we become. Talk nicely, I am proud of myself, I make a difference in this world, I am human and make mistakes.

Gain a better understanding of your positive characteristics and the specific talent of harnessing and using your creativity and positive attributes.

3. Accept yourself

Assist yourself or your employee with ADHD in accepting that they need stimulation and activity. This urge drives their inventiveness and helps them be very productive in high-risk/high-stress environments. Choose tasks in which these ADHD characteristics may have a beneficial influence on your firm's bottom line. Use praise often. No one responds well to negative comments.

4. Self Care:

Make time to exercise, travel, spend quality time with friends and family, take in the scenery, enjoy entertainment and other activities. Find time for yourself.

Entrepreneurial Strengths, Challenges and ADHD

We all have strengths and weaknesses in our character. For example, according to our personality or temperament, some of us may find ourselves more suited to certain hobbies than others, depending on our background. At the same time, although we should all acknowledge and accept our shortcomings, we should not allow our weaknesses to define us. To do this, no matter what challenges we may have, we are often able to excel at those things that initially seem impossible.


While we recognize that persons with ADHD are not lazy, procrastination is a crucial problem for many, even those without a diagnosis. Procrastination may occur as a result of being distracted from one's task. Other times, it might be about avoiding discomfort or difficulties, or it can simply be about having difficulty concentrating on a subject that your brain is not interested in


Nothing can bring a business down as fast or as totally as a lack of organizational structure. Disorganization is a huge part of executive functioning deficits and a burden for many striving to grow. When it comes to many individuals with ADHD, organizing becomes overwhelming since many of us are unsure where to begin or even how to begin. . However, entrepreneurs with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often excel with coaching.


Entrepreneurs who have a genuine interest in their ventures are more likely to succeed than those who lack specific personality attributes. Several studies have shown that a person's ability to perform better cognitively and hence overall is boosted when they feel good about their work.

For more information on coaching for people with ADHD, please contact

Lori Melnitsky is a successful small business owner and speech pathologist living successfully with ADHD. She is a certified ADHD life coach and speech pathologist.

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