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Lori's Coaching Story

"She believed she could so she did"


Lori Melnitsky

Life Coach for adults with ADHD and learning challenges

Over twenty years ago I was caught in an accounting a career I had no interest in. I was in a marriage that was not fostering growth  and on top of that stuttered severely. I was an introverted child who, like many of us, was unsure which direction to take in life. Truthfully I  I was not the best student and did not excel academically until graduate school.   This really bothered me as I knew I was intelligent. I worked from a young age and learned interpersonal skills that have lasted a lifetime.  When I started graduate school at the age of 27 I was a different person.  That lightbulb moment came I knew I wanted  to pursue my passion, speech pathology and became a student and developed unstoppable belief in myself.  I learned skills and strategies to study. I started to listen to my parents and others how to succeed.  I started to read inspirational books and attend speech therapy  to help me overcome stuttering.  I was and am fortunate that I have supportive parents and family. I surrounded myself with  positive support to motivate me to the next level but ultimately it was my inner strength that transformed from an accountant to a speech pathologist who has helped countless children and families communicate and achieve goals they envision. I became a sought after public speaker and published writer.  I have taught at universities.  Learning how to keep moving forward lead me on an exciting journey through life.  This is why I became  a certified life coach and ADHD/empowerment trainer. It is my passion and great joy to help others who need assistance.


I am now  the proud mom of two beautiful daughters in  their twenties, a wife of an extremely supportive husband and a mom to my puppy, Parker and chinchilla, Gizmo. I have used my business skills to start two businesses from the ground up. I wake up happy to go to work and my passion is helping others transform their lives into ones they envision and hope to achieve. My motto is "Never give up.  Surround yourself with positive people. Never let others tell you what to do." 

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