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Five Tips to Avoid Procrastination:

  1. Forgive yourself for procrastinating: We all do it. It is 5 pm and a Friday and we have not finished an evaluation we swore would be completed the prior Wed . How did this happen? How did you lose focus? Maybe reading emails, looking at FB or IG or something else Do not worry. You are not alone. Try not to ruminate Recognize it and move on. Forgiveness can cause a sense of calm.RE

  2. Investigate the reasons for Procrastination: For example: Are you not stimulated? Are you not organized? Are you a perfectionist? Are you afraid of making mistakes?

  3. Rephrase your internal thinking: Better to "I choose" than "need to" or "have to."

  4. Minimize distractions: Choose the unpleasant activities earlier. If you do not like to write a blog post do it first thing in the morning. Turn off your notifications on texting so it is not beeping all day. Those beeps can cause insanity.

  5. Where to do you do your best work? Some people do best in their office, others do better with noise, like a Panera (that is me). Others would rather be outside. Choose your best place and trouble shoot.

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