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Lori Melnitsky ADHD Coaching

Certified ADHD and Executive Functioning Coach and Speech Pathologist

Teen, College, and Adult ADHD/Exec Functioning Life Coach....

How do I help? :
- Turn procrastination into do it now
- Turn dread into passion
- Turn late projects into on time
- Learn how to organize yourself to help your children
- Stop being frustrated and wake up calm
-Keep you accountable with support
-Encourage without judgement

Turn weaknesses into strength



Lets Meet

I am Lori. I am a certified life and
ADHD coach for older teens, college students, adults with ADHD or suspected ADHD who want to remove self doubt and lead successful lives... I also help adults and parents to stop dreading work and wake up calmer.  My 25 plus years as a speech pathologist has taught me the importance of helping others to understand executive functioning and ADHD. I am also a parent of a 24 year old with ADHD and dyslexia who is now thriving in many areas.

Do you struggle with ADHD?

Are you having trouble getting started?
Do you feel like you can't succeed?
Do you have trouble meeting deadlines or completing assignments?
Steps to achieve your goals: 1. Schedule a free 10 min consult  to determine goals, executive 

My Services

Parent Coaching Session | Lori Melnitsky Coaching

Ten Minute Complimentary Consultation

Spend ten minutes with Lori to discuss your goals and visions for yourself and your family. Lori will use this information to schedule a paid assessment.

Parent Coaching Session

Lori will help empower you as a parent to understand your child's educational challenges and give you the necessary tools to overcome obstacles you or your family may face.

Coaching Adults with ADHD | Lori Melnitsky Coaching

Coaching Adults with ADHD

Diagnosed or not, ADHD can affect many adults in the workplace. Lori can provide coaching for adults to help them become more productive in their professional and personal life.

Suspect adult ADHD? Click Here!

Life Coach and ADHD Parent coach

Download the

Helpful hints for adults to feel focused and fearless

My Coaching Story

Lori's story started with a bright struggling daughter. She was told her daughter was bright but lazy

She brings both a professional and a personal experience.  She has specialized experience with coaching. She brings both a professional and a personal experience. She has specialized experience with coaching, working with teens and adults as an empowerment coach and speech Pathologist.


Parents seek her advice nationwide to help navigate and empower themselves to help their children. Lori has family members with ADHD and dyslexia. She knows what it’s like to struggle with missed homework, trouble getting started, missing deadlines and more. 


Our household turned upside down and I did not understand ADHD.  Once I spoke to Lori who provided parent training and guidance our lives changed for the better. My 15 year old feels understood now and thanks me for not getting angry about  missed homework. Lori taught us strategies to overcome this challenge.

Lillian B, Parent of 15 year old ADHD/Dyslexia

I was stuck and not able to go to school. Lori helped me develop study habits and fight the fear I felt of failing. Thank you for helping me complete high school. I am looking forward to your coaching help with college. I cannot thank you enough.

LS, age 18

Thank you for helping me through a difficult career choice. I was stuck at my job and you helped me see I can move on to a new career.

PR, age 32

“I was starting a job with a new airline and my speech started to deteriorate with the stress of training. I thought I was not going to be able to make it through the rigors of the training environment. Lori encouraged me to stay in a career I was passionate about and helped me believe in myself."

Matt, Airline Pilot

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